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Ultimate Guide to the Affiliate Marketing to Increase your Ecommerce Conversion

Affiliate marketing is the “act of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (Companies) products”. It is done in the way you find a product you like, promote it to others & earn a piece of profit on each sale that you make.

E-commerce marketing involves Testing, Tweaking & making sure that your messages reach the Users & entice them to act, all while being ROI positive. One stream of various marketing strategies with an e-commerce business is affiliate marketing.

Affiliation What Exactly it is?

Affiliate marketing is the “act of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (Companies) products”. It is done in the way you find a product you like, promote it to others & earn a piece of profit on each sale that you make.

The process to spread product creation & product marketing across different members, with each member receiving a commission on its level of contribution.

As per Wikipedia out seems, The whole process takes in act FOUR Heroes of the marketing movie

  • The Merchant- He is just the product seller, can be anyone a big company like Amazon or a single individual seller. Sometimes called the Creator, the Seller, the Brand, or the Vendor. There just had to be the product to Sell.
  • The Affiliate -the person who promotes the merchants’ product, convincing the audience, being the future converting customers who end up buying the product they are looking at.
  • The Network — Leading Intermediary b/w the Affiliate & the Merchant. Letting a Digital Network like click pay for the task of online payment & delivery support will put a more serious note to your affiliation goals. Now, the largest affiliate network is Amazon, lets you promote any of your item .you can also earn on any Amazon product purchase that is purchased through your link.
  • The Customer-No sale, No commission to be given no revenues to be shared.

How to Boost your Growing E-commerce Business with Affiliate Marketing?   Option1-Become a merchant in 4 easy steps lets Go Step1- Come up with a great product idea:

  • Finding & inventing something new, it’s hard! So Find out the problem with the existing product ideas or the existing products & create something that aids in the problems of the existing good. Consider how you can improve upon them & deliver them better. Choose a topic you are interested in or involved in.

Step2- Validating your idea-:

  • Create awareness about your product through videos & marketing.
  • If people really come up with your product idea & wish to buy your product let them pay for it.
  • Once you gain enough threshold, start creating your product.

Step 3- Creating the product:-

  • Creating digital programs is an idea for the early bee’s otherwise creating a digital product.
  • You can create ebooks, software, audio & music, pictures & graphics, informational documents, Professional course wares, Digital web-based Applications & Digital business support ideas. Also, podcasts are termed as one of the best digital goods with high pr blogs on podcasts creation.

Once your product is created you can now enter into the affiliate marketing partners jotted below.

Step 4-Finding an affiliate program partner:-

Begin with finding the niche relevant affiliate who has your relevant audience as his followers to move his followers for product & convert in the end. In just 5 simple steps Crack your affiliate partner hunt:

  1. Attend paid conferences to find & meet affiliate partners that are in your needed field. This will Build contacts with highly professional experts in the niche & pitch them. You might end up with the biggest affiliate partner for your product.
  2. Explore the market to find out what works best for your advertisers. You can also keep an eye on your advertiser’s competitors’ policy on how they work to help out ranking on them.
  3. Decide on a good partner who shares the same mentality as you do because at the end of the day success is shared by both, the merchant & the affiliate. Peep into finding a good affiliate partner for your marketing program.
  4. Join a High PR Affiliate Network, easier than finding your Affiliate Partner. Benefits are you get to meet trained account managers who match Brands with their ideal publishers & Vice Versa.

You Can Read the Ultimate Guide on How to Start an Affiliate Program to your eCommerce Store.

Option 2-Or Become an Online Affiliate marketer with these 4 steps to dodge:- Step 1: Review items in your Niche

  • Start looking for the partners in step 4 for becoming a merchant because that is what you are trying to start in this step.
  • Any pro As Pat Flynn calls attention to, in his member showcasing guide, included partner advertising is by a wide margin the most gainful, on the grounds that you can really identify with the item, rather than simply advancing something that may make you a great deal of Cash. Ductworks.
  • This can be done on YouTube, on a blog, or even just using live streams on periscope.

Step2: Building an Email list

Where do you collect emails from?

  • Email is still the best form of marketing, so do not miss out on it. Collect your audience emails from the Hello Bar or EXIT GATE or Sidebar Widget.
  • JUST make sure you reach your Audience engaged by regularly sending them mail, ideally once a week.
  • Use these grabbed Mails to politely poke your audience on a regular basis.

Step3: Using live Webinars to Educate your Audience and Make sales

  • Webinars are awesome. Design your landing page to view your webinars so that it turns easy to convert them as you receive better with live explanations .tools like lead pages for this purpose
  • Promote your webinar on social media for one week in advance & get them to sign up.
  • The webinar show the →

Features+ different uses +benefits & drawbacks + history +assistance related to your product .

Step4: Growing your Affiliate business with PPC Advertising

Use your PPC advertising to:-

  1. Get people to sign up for your webinar
  2. Grow your email list
  3. Make more sales

Affiliate marketing is a good way to get started with online marketing. The only question is, which side are you going to pick?

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Top 7 best-established programs for 2019 you ought to deal with! 1.ShareASale Affiliates / Click bank :-


  • User flexible payout options:-Its digital payment options feature wins over competitors
  • Wide product selection:- you pick the merchants so there is a wider variety of product to choose from to promote


  • Takes a little more time to set up than the competitors, needs a bit a technical knowledge
  • No digital payment methods for Clickbank yet.

2. eBay Partners Affiliate program:-eBay wants to help advertise & sell the products on their platform


  • There is no marketplace much wider than eBay & it is 100% user-based
  • A most straightforward method for affiliation sales:-no complexity just submit your link for listing,& you get paid if the purchase is dropped from that link
  • Double commission for initial 3 months


  • In the event that a bartering assumes control more than 10 days to end, you don’t acquire anything. The downside of the auction side of things.

3. Shopify Affiliate Program


  • You earn a lot per referral. You procure the initial two months of your referral’s membership expense (200% abundance), up to $598 on standard plans. 100% abundance on the venture plan which pays $2,000.
  • It is a high PR platform


  • It’s a pretty niche. While the payout is extraordinary, your group of onlookers should offer things online for Shopify to ever be applicable to them.

4. Leadpage Partner Program


  • Extremely Powerful ONLINE marketing tool & extremely user-friendly making it worth promoting.
  • Massive payout rules. No cut-offs, The commission value jumps up to 30% on a conditional basis.


  • To specialty to work for some. Lead pages will sell actually well. In any case, it’ll just pitch to a crowd of people that are attempting to accomplish something with their web nearness.

5. Amazon Associates:-

Amazon needs no introduction. Amazon has a niche from pin to pat, everything Finds its place to be sold.


  • Commission up to 10% on any product sales through your affiliate link.
  • All referred traffic through your link is counted to your link.


  • The affiliate cookie lasts up-to 24 hours. In the event that they return and buy the following 24 hours, no revenue for you sadly!
  • You only pay by cheque, bank transfer, or Amazon gift cards .soon they will land to digital payout options.

6.Bluehost Affiliate Program:-Currently top recommended WordPress Hosts available


  • Affordable prices, flexible Packages & great customer support. It’s time you tie-up with them.
  • Non-complex method of affiliation. You list your link & get paid if the product is bought from your referral link.
  • Recommended by WordPress so builts greater reliability and trust yourself by Applying.


  • Requires your group of audience to require web hosting. Being one of the top web hosting services out there doesn’t mean much if your group of onlookers isn’t searching for web hosting.

7.MaxBounty Affiliate Network:-New but already established Platform, working with high PR brands


  • Outranks the competitors by overcoming their loopholes & it’s working out well for them.
  • Pays an affiliate bonus.
  • They pay weekly & digital payment options for the smooth functioning of the affiliate program.
  • They pay incredible rewards to top affiliate earners. It is more fun than your average program


  • They’re not even close as built up as different stages accessible. Give them a couple of years and they might be on the top stage, yet until further notice, it’s too soon to tell.

Here we end by concluding,

Ideally, this has given you a taster of Affiliate Programs. For you to start working with immediately, to monetize your blog and put some additional cash once more into your business.

Keep in mind, the most significant factor is the thing that your group of onlookers is going to like. Presently, all that is left for you to do is pick a couple of you like. Do your exploration. Join, pick a few items, and after that gain yourself a decent referral income.