is a privately owned, profitable Web hosting company based on Long Island, NY. We help small and mid-sized businesses establish a presence on the Internet with affordable Web hosting solutions. has chosen to focus on the UNIX-based hosting market. By focusing on just one operating system, our company has been able to leverage an extensive amount of knowledge and talent to provide a scalable, stable and efficient platform at very competitive prices.

We are different:
Selecting a Web services company can be frustrating, time-consuming, and confusing. Most web hosting companies offer you a great deal only if you commit to using their service for a year or more (sometimes 3 years). started because we understood the problems and saw that there is a need for a new and different kind of Web hosting solution. We came up with web hosting solutions that are simple, easy, and affordable for Internet users. We have simplified our organizational structure, reduced overhead costs, so we can relay the savings to you. When you sign up with us, you won’t havre to commit to stay with us for 1 year or more to enjoy great prices and great service. .

Where we're going:
Wee are growing fast! Our goal is to offer affordable UNIX-based hosting solutions to those individuals seeking high value, low-cost hosting solutions for both personal and business websites. We provide simple and easy to use tools that allow our customers to administer and update his or her hosting account at any time. In addition to this commitment, we have added a Customer Control Panel that is continuously updated with new resources and account administration tools. We look forward to serving you with the best discounted Web hosting service on the Internet.

280+ Domain Names Registered

720+ WebSites Hosted

530+ Customers

What we do



We Keeps Your Website Up and Running

We keep provide regular checkups for our servers, insuring that your websites are we host will stay up 24/7. We also provide a free SSL certificate, which brings security to every website we host.



Web Hosting Made Easy Now!

We make sure that getting your website online is fast and easy. With just a few clicks your website will be open for anyone to see.

Why Choose Us?

Reliability, Speed and Security
99.9% Uptime guarantee with SLA. You can depend on us with ultra-reliable servers!
No Long-Term Commitments!
All our plans are month to month. You don't need to commit for a year or more to take advantage of our low prices!
Free Account Migration
We can move your site to for free in most cases!
Free Web Tools and Applications
We provide you with a complete set of resources to start your website within 24 hours or even in minutes!
7 Days a Week Tech Support!
In most cases, we get back to you within minutes!
30-day Money Back Policy
Give our hosting service a try completely risk-free!

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