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7 Reasons why your Customer may Choose your Competition

If you are running a business, online or offline, isn’t a piece of cake. You give your blood and sweat in order to attract your customer and wish they appreciate your efforts by sharing your site with their friends.

You will agree that running a business, online or offline, isn’t a piece of cake. You give your blood and sweat in order to attract your customer and wish they appreciate your efforts by sharing your site with their friends.

But the harsh reality is that, for your customer, your business is just another store in the pool of options they have. In this pool, if your customer is choosing your competitor over you, again and again, it’s time you take serious concern and find out why it is happening.

Now in order to make sure you don’t have to waste your time scrolling down multiple screens, here are 7 main reasons that you may take into consideration.

7 Reasons why your customer may choose your competition Slow and unreliable website

Having your own website is a great start to your online business. But if your website is slow, your customer may not be waiting more than 3 seconds to bounce back and choose your competition.

Also at the same time, if the website isn’t looking trustworthy, i.e., the User Interface and User experience of your site aren’t up to the mark, then chances are, your customer may not trust your site to make a purchase.

In order to improve this, have a mobile-friendly and responsive website. Also, make sure that you are using a good hosting service to run your website.

Awful presentation

In addition to being mobile-friendly and having a good hosting service, you also need to make sure that the products look attractive and real to your customer. Having cluttered products, false or a bad product description is another turn off for the customer.

The best way to resolve this problem would be by outsourcing your product images to the best product image editing service. This way you can have a common background for all your products, remove any flaws like wrinkles, scratches, remove the background, and much more.

Absence of customs support

If you already have made sure that you are doing well with the speed and appearance of your site, another reason why your customer may choose your competition is due to no customer support from your site.

Do you have someone who can help choose your customer which product to go for or someone recommending them products based on their preferences? If not, you will be shocked that you can install a chatbot for solving this issue.

This way you won’t need someone on the phone 24/7. Rather a bot will work for you and your customer won’t even notice the difference.

Hefty price tag

Another most common reason why customers may be choosing your competition is the prices of your product. There can’t be a denial that if your customers would get the same product at a lower cost, they would prefer that.

Do your competitive research and see what price point others are offering and can you beat that price. Obviously, you shouldn’t go too low as it will drop the value hence see if you could arrange a fair price point.

If not that, can you offer something extra, such as free shipping or a bunch deal? If you can, market your product along with flaunting the added benefits customers would be getting when purchasing from you.

Poor Product Quality

To identify this situation check for your returning customer and the feedback on your products. Nothing can be compared when a customer gets a bad quality of the product.

If you are unaware, a returning customer has about 60% – 70% higher chances against the new customer who has only about 5%-20% chances of buying from you.

If you find that something is wrong with a product as not many customers are returning to your site to make a purchase you should improve the quality of the product immediately.

It is also a fact that on receiving a bad product your customer would share this with more people when he or she is satisfied with your quality of the product.

Inefficient marketing

Another major reason why your customer may choose your competition over you is that he or she is not aware of you. The very first thing to resolve this is to hope on the data and find out who really should be targeted-audience.

Once you have successfully found them, then streamline your marketing in order to be visible. See where they spend most of their time, why would they be interested in buying from you, and how you can attract them to buy from you.

Choose the right campaign for your marketing and reach out to your customer in order to grow your business.

Poor company reputation

Lastly, if all the above things are taken care of there’s a chance that your company has a bad reputation in the market. This could be due to any reason above which might have existed for a long time and is still unresolved.

The first step to overcome this is to make sure that you have resolved all the issues that we have mentioned above. Try to create a brand new experience for your customer which is all set specially for them to make a purchase from you.

Try not to be too-pushy when approaching clients to return. Except choose to show that you have reformed yourself and there is something great waiting for them.

Bonus Read

Above as you saw, we have covered almost every point due to which your customer may choose your competition, but if you are just starting out and struggling to gain customers, the reasons can be different.

It is also the best time that you make sure none of the mistakes mentioned above are repeated by you. Focus on every point very carefully as it can save your efforts in the future.

When you are starting out you shall make sure that your content or product is helpful to your customer in some or other way to make him buy from you, do your SEO right, and also don’t forget to market your product. Learn more about 10 eCommerce SEO mistakes that you must avoid.

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Author: Chetan Menaria